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Zulauf Consulting is a boutique research and consulting firm that offers investment advisory services to institutional investors and family offices. We have a unique approach to research, based on Felix Zulauf’s market views and overall investment outlook.


Services include semi-monthly newsletters, client-only webinars and guest events, as well as consulting discussions on macroeconomic views regarding equities, fixed income, the global markets, interest rates, currencies, commodities and various other topics.



Felix Zulauf frequently appears on various media outlets including television, radio, print media, and podcasts. He also participates in conferences globally and is available for speaking engagements. It is our pleasure to share some of these appearances with you here.

What we COVER


Macro Trends

Felix Zulauf is a macro expert examining trends in global rates & currencies, monetary & fiscal policy, economic measures, as well as political activities and how all of these factors relate to each other.



Analysis of the current and historical political climate, the motivations and actions that influence markets and the economic landscape.


Rates & Fixed Income

Felix offers a unique perspective on global fixed income markets and interest rates, providing insight into their movements as well as their impact on other global markets.


Asset Allocation

Zulauf Consulting often covers commentary on global stocks and bonds, as well as style breakdowns relating to large vs small-cap and growth vs value for equities.


Sector Outlook

Felix frequently discusses various sectors in his investment commentary to help investors with making allocation decisions and to point out opportunities and risks.


Currencies & Commodities

Intermediate-term and long-cycle evaluation of key commodities such as precious metals, oil, and agricultural products, as well as currency influences and impacts.

What We Do


Investment Commentary

Felix publishes commentary bi-monthly to update subscribers with his macroeconomic views regarding equities, fixed income, the global markets, interest rates, currencies, commodities and various other topics.


Felix offers his clients investment updates via webinar at least once per quarter, as well as special joint webinars with distinguished colleagues such as Jeffrey Gundlach, Byron Wien, David Rosenberg, Jim Rogers, Ned Davis, Joel Greenblatt, Lacy Hunt, and others.


Felix is available to subscribers to address various macro topics of interest to clients. Investors are welcome to schedule occasional calls or video-chat sessions with Felix, and he is available via email to address questions that arise.

Speaking Engagements

Separate from Zulauf Consulting’s regular subscription service, Felix is available for speaking engagements at industry conferences, corporate events, or other related activities. Felix is comfortable giving a keynote address or participating in a panel discussion.

Regions we cover


North & South America

Europe & UK

Emerging Markets


Here is a replay or our Q1 2021 outlook webinar with “The Bond King”, Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of DoubleLine. It was recorded on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021, and moderated by Charles Payne from Fox Business Network.


“There are few macro thinkers I find it helpful to listen to. Felix is one of them.”

Jeffrey Gundlach

CEO of DoubleLine Capital LP

“Felix Zulauf is the preeminent macro thinker of his generation, building a legendary career on a foundation of bold, prescient calls and uncannily accurate timing.”

Grant Williams

Founder of Real Vision and the Things That Make You Go Hmmm newsletter, and Host of The Grant Williams Podcast

“There are a lot of stars in the investment universe, but one of the brightest, most clear on any given evening is Felix Zulauf. Not just the clarity of his brilliance, but the wit and deep wisdom he brings to the forecasting space. Felix is one of my must reads and for those serious about investing, he should be one of yours. Felix is my personal North Star, a light that helps me know where I am and where I am going.”

John Mauldin

President, Mauldin Companies

“Having known and swapped market ideas with Felix for almost 40 years, I am well familiar with his skills and insights. What is unique about Felix is the breadth and depth of his knowledge about the forces shaping markets. He has a grasp of fundamental economic and political events on a global basis that few others can match. He combines this with a broad historical perspective, an analysis of cycles in all markets, an awareness of the importance of psychological excesses in market behavior, and is a student of the internal technical price/supply demand trends in markets that make his work useful from so many perspectives. It is also worth noting that he has the courage of his convictions and has shown he knows when to act on them. Felix is an advisor for all seasons.”

Bob Farrell

Former Chief Stock Market Analyst and Senior Investment Advisor at Merrill Lynch and member of Wall Street Week’s Hall of Fame

“I have known Felix for more than three decades and I have always witnessed that he has an excellent record in predicting macro developments and the stock market. We very often had similar stock market predictions, especially regarding the impact of monetary developments which was the subject of my Ph.D. thesis in the early 70’s. I’ve never missed any of his valuable investment reports.”

Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Founder and Chairman of DJE Kapital AG

(Disclosure: Dr. Ehrhardt is a client of Zulauf Consulting who was not compensated for his testimonial.)

Featured Article

Barron’s February 2021

Lauren R. Rublin from Barron’s did a feature story with Felix Zulauf on February 22, 2021 titled “The View From Europe” covering his macro outlook. Felix discussed his views on the U.S. economy and other themes such as China and Bitcoin from a European perspective.

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