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Felix Zulauf utilizes his 40+ years of knowledge and experience to connect pieces of the macroeconomic and financial markets puzzle for his institutional clients.


Felix publishes his Investment Comment  at least twice monthly to update investors on macroeconomic influences and connections to equities, fixed income, the global markets, interest rates, currencies, commodities and various other topics. Felix will occasionally publish an extra piece on current topics as well as special follow-up Q&A pieces after webinars.


Felix hosts quarterly webinars to provide clients with a more in-depth view of relevant charts and data that drive his current thoughts on global markets and economies. In addition, Felix likes to provide additional value by inviting titans of the investment world to join him in discussing and debating additional perspectives on the current environment. Special guests in 2021 have included “The Bond King” Jeffrey Gundlach, David Rosenberg, Jim Rogers, Joel Greenblatt, Lacy Hunt, and more.


Felix is available to subscribers to address various macro topics of interest to clients. Investors are welcome to schedule occasional calls or video-chat sessions with Felix, and he is available via email to address questions that arise. Additionally, firms looking to add expert resources for their internal strategy discussions or to ask questions about topics relevant to their investment process utilize Felix for scheduled meetings.


Felix is available for speaking engagements at industry conferences, corporate events, or other related activities. Felix is comfortable giving a keynote address or participating in a panel discussion. Conference and event coordinators appreciate  Felix’s ability to provide their attendees with his perspective on how to evaluate the current landscape and consider the potential shifts coming for markets and economies.

Our Clients

Zulauf Consulting primarily serves institutional investors across the financial services spectrum. Our clients include family offices, RIA’s and wealth management teams, long-only funds, hedge funds, banks, pension and endowment funds. The service is not targeted for retail investors, however it may be suitable for certain accredited high-net worth investors.

I have known Felix for more than three decades and I have always witnessed that he has an excellent record in predicting macro developments and the stock market. We very often had similar stock market predictions, especially regarding the impact of monetary developments which was the subject of my Ph.D. thesis in the early 70’s. I’ve never missed any of his valuable investment reports.

Dr. Jens Ehrhardt

Founder and Chairman DJE Kapital AG, (Disclosure: Dr. Ehrhardt is a client of Zulauf Consulting who was not compensated for his testimonial.)

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